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15 Essential Hair Care Tips For Men in ABUJA

#1 Don’t over-wash your hair

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A common mistake committed by every man is that washing hair quite often and with the weather in Abuja. Limit washing to twice or thrice a week and always condition your hair. This would ensure the hair health and avoid losing out on essential oil from scalp.

#2 Dry your hair gently; don’t rub it

Wet hair tends to be weaker and vulnerable to damage. So avoid rubbing your hair after washing as it will lead to excessive breakage. Instead pat dry it to avoid stress on scalp.

#3 Get rid of that comb-over!

Your hair might be thinning. Get a haircut that suits the thinning look. Do not, under any circumstances, do a comb-over please. Women run from that

#4 Use an egg conditioner

Egg is loaded with proteins and essential minerals like sulphur that your hair secretly craves for. Harness the goodness of egg by conditioning your hair regularly with egg yolk. Let the egg yolk penetrate deep into your scalp so as to strengthen your follicles from within.

#5 Protect your hair from chlorine

The chlorine in pools can be extremely disastrous for your scalp as it causes your hair to become dry and brittle. The easiest way to protect your hair from harmful effects of chlorine is to wet your hair with clean water and apply a mild conditioner before you step in into a pool. Alternatively you can also wear a swimming cap.


#6 Use less products on your hair

Using too much of hair gel, hair wax, hair spray or any other hair product makes your hair look unnatural and heavy. Use minimalistic amount of these products when it comes to styling your hair the right way.

#7 Use a clarifying shampoo

Over the period of time, the product that you apply on hair can build up and make your hair look dull and lifeless. You can use clarifying shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care to pull out all the built up and retain your shiny hair. You can also use white vinegar for hair rinse as it helps in balancing the pH level. It might sound weird but it really works.

#8 Wash, don’t repeat

An article on men’s hair care would not complete without clearing the myth about using a shampoo twice. Basically don’t get fooled by the television ads that tell wash, rinse and repeat. Washing your hair once is enough. But make sure you use right shampoo and conditioner.

#9 Cut down the heat

Another important hair care tip would be avoid exposing your hair too much to heat. Avoid using hair dryers for drying your hair. Let them dry naturally. It might take some time but it will surely prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. But if you are using hair dryer, make sure you keep it on low heat setting.

#10 Trim it

To keep your hair neat and well-kept, get a haircut every 4-6weeks. Try and get a morning appointment. The hairdresser will be less busy and not fatigued

#11 Take a cold shower

Cold showers actually blocks the blood capillaries in scalp. These blood capillaries carry essential nutrients and need to be active for optimum effect and suddenly constricting them would be disastrous for your hair health. But this doesn’t mean you shower your hair under piping hot water. It will completely mess up your hair by pulling out all the natural oils from scalp. Ideally try and rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

#12 Stay natural

Keep coloring, perming, straightening, etc. to a minimum as getting chemical treatments repeatedly can damage your hair beyond repair

#13 Use the right tools

Hair is delicate and you must ensure you use the right tools. Also, don’t brush wet hair; use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead

#14 Avoid tight hats

Tight hats or even tight ponytails can result in ‘traction alopecia’, a hair condition that can cause hair loss, sometimes permanently

#15 Stay healthy

Your hair health is a reflection of your lifestyle. Hair care for men means you need to eat well, get plenty of exercise, drink water, get enough sleep and try to stay positive

Your hair is the first thing that gets noticed about you. A well-maintained head of hair will have other heads turning your way.


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