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How to Prevent Sunburn on election day

Voting day is around the corner and with the joy of choosing a new person in office comes the constant exposure to sunrays for a whole day.

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here are a few tips to prevent sunburn from excess exposure to the sun.

  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

    You will need to drink as much water as possible to keep your skin hydrated.

  2. Wear Sunscreen; Select an appropriate SPF. A sunscreen’s SPF measures how well it protects your skin from UVB rays compared to not wearing it. For example, if it normally takes 20 minutes for your skin to turn red, a product with SPF 15 will typically prevent sunburn for 15 times longer. You should use a product that has an SPF of at least 15.
  3. Stay out of the sun during peak hours. The sun’s UV rays are strongest between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so that’s when you’re at the greatest risk of getting a sunburn. If you stay inside during midday, you can avoid these dangerous rays and protect your skin. Schedule your outdoor activities, such as walking the dog or mowing the lawn, before 10 or after 4 whenever possible.[9]
  4. Wear the right clothes during elections

    Sometimes, you have to go outside even during the sun’s peak hours, so the key to preventing sunburn is covering yourself with appropriate clothing. Long-sleeve shirts and pants cover more of your skin than tank tops and shorts, so they can help block the sun. The more skin that your clothing covers, the more protected you’ll be.

  5. Use accessories to protect your head and eyes.

The right hat is not only stylish, but can protect your scalp from a possible sunburn. Make sure to throw on a pair of sunglasses before you head out the door as well because it can be difficult to apply sunscreen around the eye area.[11]

6.Stay in the shade. When you have to go outdoors, choose areas where the sun doesn’t reach, such as beneath a large, leafy tree. If you go to a spot where there isn’t much natural shade, such as the beach, bring an umbrella, portable canopy, or tent that can shield you from the sun

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